ESAB welding automation mechanized and robotic systems are your competitive advantage.

ESAB automated welding systems increase travel speed and deposition, reduce errors and improve weld quality and consistency. Our solutions enable manufacturers to keep production in-house and increase productivity with existing resources.

ESAB Welding Automation Innovation

ESAB welding automation systems solve today’s toughest challenges in the most demanding industries, including wind energy, petrochemical, LNG, offshore and shipbuilding. Compared to manual welding, automated systems move faster, don’t need to stop for repositioning and enable welding with higher parameters and/or larger diameter wires. By making continuous welds, automation reduces rework associated with start/stop defects. In applications where customers expect uniform weld bead profile and penetration, mechanized, robotic and automated systems deliver consistency, reduce welding in uncomfortable positions and reduce operator exposure to fumes and UV radiation.

In addition to automated welding equipment, ESAB also offers the industry’s most productive automated welding processes. Our Integrated Cold Electrode, or ICE, submerged arc technology utilizes a third, electrically insulated wire in between and parallel to two hot wires in the same torch. The heat generated by the welding process melts a third, non-powered welding electrode, increasing deposition rates and/or travel speeds without adding more energy into the weld. As result, ICE delivers unbeatable low temperature toughness along with unmatched productivity.

As a result of researching fast wire feed speeds, ESAB introduced the Swift Arc Transfer (SAT) process This enhanced spray transfer GMAW process uses typical wire feed speeds of 16 to 25 m/min. It yields welding travel speeds that range from 20 to 100 percent faster than conventional solutions (see case study details below), and it is at least 10 percent faster — in an actual production setting — than any other advanced GMAW process ESAB has encountered.