CutCloud Where to buy?

CutCloud is a webserver application with the ability to combine ColumbusTM CAD/CAM nesting data and production data recorded from an ESAB cutting machine. Easy to install, use and maintain, CutCloud can be used on any web-enabled device (e.g. smart phone, pda, tablet, PC, etc.) and reduces the total investment of IT hardware.

The new CutCloud utilizes Microsoft Azure IoT, which respectively allow for on-premise, hybrid and cloud based architectures and functionality to import and visualize machine data.

The web based reporting provides up-to-the second status information highlighting production and quality concerns to increase overall quality and production performance.

CutCloud allows real time response to plant floor activities, yet only using minimal computing resources. Operates continuously without requiring on-going maintenance or support, improving data quality.

Each functionality group or module can be installed incrementally as you grow, securing your initial investment.