Arcair carbon arc gouging torches and SLICE exothermic cutting systems are engineered for results.

When it comes to air carbon arc gouging torches and portable exothermic cutting torches, Arcair, an ESAB brand, is the industry leader in high volume metal removal.

ESAB Air Carbon Arc Gouging

ESAB Air Carbon Arc Gouging Technology Innovation

Arcair introduced air carbon arc gouging technology in 1949 to solve problems related to removing hardened steels. The process, which uses an electrically conductive carbon electrode to melt metal and compressed air to blow it away, offers an order of magnitude improvement over grinding. Today, carbon arc gouging is a preferred process for back-gouging welds, removing weld crowns, casting and die repair, removing temporary welds, scarfing billets and preparing worn and torn construction and mining implements for welding repair.

Arcair SLICE exothermic cutting systems operate on the same principle as an oxygen lance. Pure oxygen (supplied via a cylinder) is funnelled through a specially folded hollow steel tube. A battery-powered striker provides a spark, the oxygen ignites and the steel rod becomes the fuel as it generates a flame 8,000 °F or hotter. Arcair offers a variety of SLICE self-contained packs, torches, cutting rods and battery ignition sources.