ESAB cutting automation systems drive mechanised metal cutting productivity.

ESAB Cutting Automation systems include those for high-precision plasma, oxy-fuel and waterjet cutting, as well as bevel cutting, hole cutting, plasma marking, drilling and more.

ESAB Cutting Automation Innovation

ESAB automated plasma cutting equipment harnesses the full power of two digital technologies: CAD/CAM programming and nesting software and cloud-based data management applications. The software can seamlessly integrate with design software, the cutting machine, controller, cutting processes, plate storage and retrieval systems, order administration and ERP systems.

Our cutting software has Machine Data Capture (MDC) capabilities so users can perform Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) calculations, connect with quality control/ traceability systems, ERP systems and plate management systems. With CutCloud, users can now easily aggregate and analyse data as part of a digital ecosystem, meeting the distinct needs of those involved with engineering, production, quality, maintenance and business operations – and they can manage data from any web-enabled device