Firepower offers metal cutting, gas control, and specialty welding solutions representing the leading edge in design, performance, quality, and safety.

Firepower branded products include:

  • Cutting, heating and welding outfits
  • Handles, attachments, nozzles, and tips
  • Gas regulators and flow meters
  • Flashback arrestors and accessories
  • Plasma cutting machines
  • Welding power supplies
  • MIG and TIG accessories
  • Electrodes
  • Welding rods

Why Choose Firepower?

Engineered by Industry Leaders. Firepower carries the assurance of more than 375 years of the premiere global welding and cutting brands, including ESAB (founded 1904) and its family of products from Victor (1913), Tweco (1936), and Thermal Dynamics (1957).

Industrial-level Performance With Versatility and Value. Firepower users who do not weld or cut every day can count on Firepower’s reliability and ease of use to help them get consistent results with every application.

Evolving to Meet the Needs of Our Users. Firepower MST, our newest offering, provides 3-in-1 power supplies delivering MIG, Stick, and TIG capability from one integrated portable system.

Firepower lineup

Firepower systems come complete with optimized accessories and are ready to meet your needs right out of the box.

Firepower products are suited for the following industries:

  • HVAC and Plumbing
  • Auto Repair
  • Construction
  • Farm and Ranch
  • DIY and Hobbyists