EWAC Empowering Welding & Cutting

EWAC is a pioneer in the concept and delivery of the "repair rather than replace" philosophy of critical components through specially developed welding products and processes.

With more than 50 years of experience in preventive maintenance and repair of industrial machinery, EWAC offers an unrivaled range of cost-effective solutions to wear-related problems.

EWAC products include:

  • Specialized welding electrodes
  • Gas brazing rods and fluxes
  • Welding torches and accessories
  • Atomized metal powder alloys
  • Flux-cored continuous wires & wire feeders
  • Polymer compounds & wear resistant plates

Why Choose EWAC?

Unequaled Metallurgy and Wear Expertise. EWAC’s success is built on an ever-growing knowledge of metallurgy and wear phenomena combined with engineering dedicated to increasing customer productivity and profitability.

Engineered to Reduce Waste and Increase Profits. EWAC has demonstrated a unique capability to reduce scrap and cut manufacturing costs, by combating the effects of wear with preventive maintenance and specialty repair welding products and processes.

Engineered for Success Through Education and Support. Implementing EWAC specialty products and solutions requires a workforce trained in maintenance and repair processes. The EWAC Institute offers the specialized training and supports our customers need to achieve their desired operational outcomes.

A Well-Trained Workforce is Key to Our Approach

For the last 30 years, the EWAC Institute has been dedicated to Maintenance Welding Training Programs for welding and fabrication professionals. Our training programs include advanced maintenance techniques for welders, shop managers, engineers and others invested in improving processes and outcomes. EWAC Institute training includes modules dedicated to:

  • Prolonging the life of components
  • Reducing consumption of Spare Parts
  • Reducing the downtime due to premature failure
  • Increase in Profitability