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Exaton Welding Guide

A handy resource for welders, the EXATON Welding app makes useful information available at your fingertips. The app includes a welding grade selection guide, shielding gas assistance, ferrite diagram, and heat-input calculators. You will be able to evaluate weldability and find tips and tricks for your weld planning in the welding guide. Also included are the details of the entire EXATON portfolio of filler metal products - all on your mobile phone!

Tweco Back End Adapter Guide

Don't own a Tweco welder but want to use Tweco components?
Use this app to find the parts you need!

Select your make and model of MIG welder to see the available Tweco adapter options.
Also contact customer support from within the app, and see what's new on the Tweco website.

Thermal Dynamics Cut Chart

A digital cut chart and error code lookup for Thermal Dynamics Ultra-Cut series of high precision automated plasma systems. Select a material type and thickness to see the recommended best cut parameters. Enter an error code to view troubleshooting suggestions.

The cut chart applies to Ultra-Cut with DPC 3000
Error codes for all Ultra-Cut and Ultra-Cut XT systems

Includes international tech support email and phone numbers, YouTube channel of Victor Technologies Cutting & Welding videos, and a link to the Thermal Dynamics automation website.