DMX Where To Buy

DMX is a reliable plasma bevel system thanks to ESAB's exclusive Direct Multi-Axis motion system, which uses fewer parts for higher reliability and reduced maintenance. Compliant motion with Multi-Point Collision Protection automatically resets after a collision, and does not require routine alignments.

ESAB's SmartBevel™ Technology makes DMX easy-to-use, taking the guesswork out of plasma bevel cutting by simplifying bevel programming, and delivering consistent and accurate bevel cutting results.

DMX uses the latest motion control technology to achieve a compact design, so it can be mounted on smaller gantries, making high quality bevel cutting more affordable, and consuming less of your valuable floor space.

When equipped with ESAB's iSeries Precision Plasma system, the DMX can utilize SquareCut Technology to achieve significantly higher cut speed without added bevel angle.