Welding guns and accessories that perform at a higher level - yours.

Welding guns and accessories that perform at a higher level - yours.

More productivity.

Everything you do is about more. More time under the hood, more challenges conquered, and more pride in your work. You don't see just a pile of metal; you see an opportunity to build something great. That's why we push our equipment to outwork the rest - because you deserve nothing less. Just more.

More knowledge.

Tweco is an entire arsenal of products engineered to make your job easier, with unparalleled expertise needed to tailor the right combination of welding equipment for your job. It's the total package for professional welders like you.

More reliability.

As the brand that welders trust, we build our heavy-duty equipment to last like no other - with more than 80 years of unwavering focus on quality, dependability, and usability.

More support.

From on-site assistance to in-shop product demos, our experts come right to you to provide the help you need. No matter your challenge, our Tweco team is here to back you tirelessly, each and every day.

More innovation.

We use insights from real-world welders to continually develop superior products that allow you to go further than ever before. Check out our newest products below, including the all-new PullMaster2 with ultra-smooth wire feeding to take your welding to infinite places.

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Bringing out the big guns.

PullMaster2<sup>™</sup> push-pull MIG gun

Tweco PullMaster2

Push-pull MIG gun.

Go the extra mile on every job - without distance or obstacles getting in your way. PullMaster2 puts more performance and control in your hands with ultra-smooth wire feeding and improved design for effortless handing on even the toughest jobs.

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Tweco Spray Master air-cooled MIG guns

Tweco Spray Master®

Air-cooled MIG guns.

Tackle your most demanding jobs with the new and improved Spray Master – now with 25% better cooling at the handle. Built tough to withstand higher heat and deliver more comfort, Spray Master sets the industry standard for all-day welding performance and reliability.

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Tweco MXH 420W Push-Pull water-cooled MIG guns

Tweco MXH 315 and 420W

Air- and water-cooled push-pull MIG guns.

With great wire feeding performance up to 33 feet, the new Tweco MXH 315 and 420W push-pull guns are ideal for aluminum jobs with longer distances between the feeder and the workpiece. Go the distance with your next replacement gun to complete every job even quicker than the last with unprecedented durability and repeatability.

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Centrovac 260C, 415C, and 420CW guns

Tweco Centrovac

Air- and water-cooled fume-extraction MIG guns.

When you want cleaner air in your shop, reach for the new Centrovac MIG guns for your light- to heavy-duty fabrication. Made to extract welding fumes at the source with a lightweight, balanced design for all-day comfort.

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Tweco WeldSkill air-cooled MIG guns

Tweco WeldSkill®

Air-cooled MIG guns.

Choose WeldSkill for unbeatable value. It's the perfect combination of long-lasting quality and continuous comfort, offering more performance for your investment in light- to medium-duty MIG welding.

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Tweco Fusion Pro<sup>™</sup> 7W and 9W water-cooled MIG guns

Tweco Fusion Pro 7W and 9W

Water-cooled MIG guns.

These lightweight guns are ideal for heavy-duty, high-heat MIG fabrication that requires 100% duty cycle with carbon dioxide and mixed gases. Weld with the highest confidence, with maximum cooling and a well-balanced gun for exceptional comfort.

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See why Tweco means more for welders.

More aluminum productivity with PullMaster2.

More performance with Pullmaster2.

Breathe easier with Centrovac.

Gunning For More with Tweco.

More weld time with Velocity2.

Even more to come.

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