What makes Rebel a rebel?

Is it its defiance against limitations? Its aversion to average? Or is it its blatant disregard for boundaries?

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Rebel is the lineup of true professional-grade multi-process machines capable of delivering superior performance whether you're welding MIG, flux cored, stick, or TIG. And it does it all with the power and duty cycle that's always up for a challenge.

Professional-grade performance.

Rebel defined multi-process welding and will dominate any application you need it for.

Premium advanced features.

With high-tech features like sMIG and complete weld process control, Rebel will grant you quality welds every time.

Durable IP23 housing.

Rebel will rise to the challenge - no matter the environment where you put it to work.

Unmatched portability.

Each Rebel has a unique ergonomic five-handle design and can be equipped with an optional shop cart.

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Rebel EMP 205ic AC/DCArc welding equipment

Rebel EMP 205ic AC/DC

  • Go anywhere with Rebel EMP 205ic AC/DC, the first-ever portable all-process machine complete with MIG, flux cored, stick, DC TIG, DC pulsed TIG, and AC TIG capabilities.
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Rebel EMP 215icArc welding equipment

Rebel EMP 215ic

  • Inspired by professional welders, the Rebel EMP 215ic is the complete MIG, flux cored, DC TIG, and stick package ready to weld anything - including mild steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.
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Rebel EMP 235icArc welding equipment

Rebel EMP 235ic

  • Portability, power, and performance make Rebel EMP 235ic the total mobile welding package for MIG, flux cored, DC TIG, and stick.
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Rebel EMP 285icArc welding equipment

Rebel EMP 285ic

  • Rebel EMP 285ic 1ph and 3ph systems offer power and industrial capability for MIG, flux cored, stick, and DC TIG applications.
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ESAB University

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