Arcair® - an ESAB brand

Arcair is the global leader in arc gouging, exothermic cutting, underwater cutting and welding products.

Arcair products include:

  • Manual torches, cables and holders
  • Automatic gouging systems
  • Carbon rods and plate
  • SLICE cutting systems and rods
  • Underwater cutting, gouging and welding supplies

Why Choose Arcair?

Originator and Innovator. Arcair is the originator and innovation leader in arc gouging and exothermic cutting processes and products.

Highest Metal Removal Rates. Arcair carbon-arc electrodes contain a precisely formulated blend of carbon and graphite to deliver the highest metal removal rates in the market – measured in pounds of metal removed per inch of carbon consumed.

The Right Product for Your Application. Arcair carbon-arc electrodes set the standard for versatility and performance in a wide range of applications and industries when the highest possible efficiency is required.

Arcair Arc Gouging Action
Arcair Slice Complete Pack

Partnering with both Arc Gouging and Exothermic Cutting Operations:

Arc Gouging

  • Fabrication Plants
  • Shipyards
  • Railways
  • Farm Welding

Exothermic Cutting

  • First Responders
  • Entry and Rescue
  • Rapid Repairs