What makes Rebel a Rebel?

Rebel is the lineup of true professional-grade multi-process machines capable of delivering superior performance whether you're welding MIG, flux cored, stick, or TIG. And it does it all with the power and duty cycle that's always up for a challenge.

Breakaway from convention with the rule-defying Rogue portable MMA or TIG Welder

With unconventional features, unprecedented performance, and an all-new industrial design, Rogue ushers in a new era of welding capability that will force you to rethink everything you expect from a portal MMA or TIG machine at this price point.
Are you ready to go Rogue?

Sentinel: The Helmet of Choice for Welding's Best

The best welders deserve the best equipment. And when it comes to choosing a helmet, Sentinel is it. Sentinel is engineered for high-precision welding professionals featuring ergonomic headgear, supreme comfort, intuitive controls, and crystal-clear visibility.

Maximise Your Output and Save Energy with Fabricator Multi-Process Welder

Fabricator’s inverter-based technology allows for better power efficiency, easier operation, and better overall utility. It’s a workstation designed for maximum mobility around your shop, allowing you to take on a wide range of MIG, stick, and TIG applications with ease.