Value Added Engineering


Partner with an ESAB Expert

Our customers are always looking for ways to maximize their fleet, adapt to increased demand or improve current processes to scale production, increase profitability, and more...all without compromising quality and safety. ESAB's Value Added Engineering (VAE) team exists to support this effort with practical solutions. Our VAE experts put their years of experience and product/process knowledge to work for you to achieve your desired result.

Scale your operation to accommodate new revenue streams

Increase profitability without compromising quality or safety

Maximize your fleet and reduce downtime with data-driven tools

Explore the value of automating processes to achieve desired growth

Step One: Productivity Assessment.

We analyze your entire production flow, from material to delivery, or study a single station or procedure, to provide a detailed analysis of your process or challenge.

Step Two:  Profitability Analysis.

The VAE team prepares a complete technical evaluation, including a detailed improvement proposal for enhanced productivity and profitability. This could include a few small changes or large-scale implementations, such as new processes and machinery.

Step Three: Solution Implementation.

Lastly, the improvement proposal is presented to you - the customer. The VAE team works with you to plan how to familiarize employees with the charges. The team can even walk you through the process of ordering new consumables and equipment.

How to Get Started

Take a look at our Weld Cost Calculator to see an example of VAE data at work. Complete the contact form below and someone from our VAE team will reach out to you with next steps.