AMI® - an ESAB brand

Arc Machines, Inc. (AMI) designs, manufactures and distributes the world’s broadest and most advanced range of automated orbital Tig welding equipment.

AMI products include:

  • Welding power sources
  • Control systems
  • Electro-mechanical torch manipulation devices (weld heads)
  • Arc-zone vision systems

Why Choose AMI?

Expert Support. No matter the size of your operation or the scope of your project, we are here to help you succeed with a team of dedicated AMI experts in after-sales technical support and customer service.

Industry-Leading Quality. AMI's product line encompasses the entire spectrum of orbital welding from the smallest diameter, thinnest wall high-purity tube welds to the heaviest application of cladding or narrow gap wire-fed pipe welding

Unmatched Performance. AMI orbital welding heads and power supplies are known for their lasting performance and consistent weld quality

 Orbital TIG-welding for stainless steel
 	PRB welding tool

AMI is Ahead of the Curve-Leading the Way in Orbital Tig Welding serving:

Pipe Welding Industries

  • Shipyards
  • Nuclear
  • Oil and gas

Fusion Process Industries

  • Semi-conductor
  • Aerospace
  • Food & beverage