Exaton™ - an ESAB brand

Exaton is the leading brand of high-quality filler metals for welding stainless steel and nickel alloys in the most demanding environments.

Exaton products include:

  • Covered stick electrodes (SMAW)
  • MIG/MAG wires (GMAW)
  • TIG rods (GTAW)
  • Strips and fluxes for cladding overlay (SAW/ESW)
  • Submerged arc wires and fluxes (SAW)
  • Gas-shielded flux-cored wires (FCAW)

Why Choose Exaton?

Superior Feed. Exaton wire grades use a proprietary surface lubricant that delivers superior feeding properties, while micro-alloy additions improve weldability factors such as reduced spatter for shorter cleanup time, improved flow control to eliminate welding defects, and faster deposition for increased productivity.

Innovative Chemistry. Exaton's innovative chemistry also delivers productivity improvements, such as obtaining permissible finished chemistry with a single layer weld overlay in applications that traditionally require two or even three layers.

Metallurgical Expertise. When specialty applications require new and unique alloys, Exaton's metallurgical experts are renowned for custom-developed formulation for projects of all sizes.

Exaton products
Exaton product packages

Exaton Delivers Quality and Consistency to the Following Industries:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Chemical Processing
  • Power Generation
  • Cryogenic Applications