Welding Software: Revolutionize Your Fabrication Workflow

Welding Software: Revolutionize Your Fabrication Workflow

Welding Software: Revolutionize Your Fabrication Workflow with Data

The entire fabrication workflow depends on numerous factors that are closely interlinked. Disruption in any of these factors causes a direct impact on the workflow chain. With ESAB digital solutions, you can achieve a seamless workflow every time. How can ESAB digital solutions welding software help revolutionize your entire fabrication workflow with data?

What Is ESAB Digital Solutions

ESAB digital solutions is a complete suite of digital services that gives you the power to revolutionize your entire fabrication workflow with data. The welding software enables you to take total control of your welding, cutting, and gas operations on a single platform. It also allows you to find innovative solutions across your entire fabrication workflow. With the welding management software, you can now harness the power of data to overcome the challenges of the fabrication industry.

Critical Challenges of the Fabrication Industry

ESAB digital solutions helps solve the critical challenges faced in the fabrication industry.

Some of the critical challenges that the fabrication industry faces include:

Shortage of Experienced Welders

Finding experienced welders is becoming challenging. According to the American Welding Society, there will be around 4000,000 welding workforce shortages by 2024. As more experienced welders are retiring, the younger welders are not skilled enough for quick replacement. Thus, retirement is getting faster than hiring. This lack of access to skilled welding workforces will affect the entire fabrication industry. Using welding software enables efficient management of the fabrication process in adherence to industry-standard welding procedures.

Weld Quality

You always want to achieve a clean strong weld. Clients always demand that you adhere to WPS (Welding Procedure Specifications). It requires a constant quality control test to measure the weld quality. In the welding process, while performing multiple passes, imagine how beneficial it would be to know that the early passes were imperfect and need to be corrected, eliminating the need for destructive testing. Before you begin welding, you can optimize complicated nesting scenarios to maximize plate utilization.


With large projects and tight deadlines, there is constant pressure to cut and weld faster and better for increased productivity. The shortage of experienced welders has a direct effect on productivity.


Downtime can occur during any phase of the project. If you could identify downtime sources before they occur, you could immediately identify the related issues or make adjustments to optimize quality and performance from anywhere in the world.


Proper welding documentation is an essential part of fabrication projects. Documentation processes are done manually. With changing regulations, gathering paperwork for documentation can be a time-consuming and expensive process. Having a system that could carry out documentation would save both time and money.

Top Benefits of ESAB Digital Solutions Welding Software

ESAB digital solutions can help overcome the critical issues affecting the fabrication industry. 

Top benefits of ESAB digital solutions include:

  • Ensure consistent quality
  • Maximize productivity
  • Avoid downtime
  • Track consumption
  • Connect effortlessly
  • Lower documentation costs

ESAB Digital Solutions to Revolutionize Your Workflow

ESAB Digital Solutions software offers solutions for welding, cutting, and quality assurance. Here is how ESAB Digital Solutions can help revolutionize your entire workflow and supercharge your profitability:

Plate Optimization

Columbus III CAD/CAM nesting software enables to organize nest and optimize plate usage during the cutting process. The powerful programming and nesting software improves plate utilization, increases productivity, and streamlines workflow.

Cutting Productivity

CutCloud, a web-based data management platform automatically reports on the efficiency and productivity of your cutting process. It keeps you updated on how your cutting machines are performing. With the real-time information at your fingertips from any location, you can predict when maintenance is required to make operation more productive across the entire fabrication process.

Welding Productivity

WeldCloud welding software lets you record, measure, and control entire cutting operations with real-time data monitoring. While welding, WeldCloud helps you by logging data on current, voltage, and amperage. The software keeps track of filler metal specifications, operators, and more. This allows you to review productivity by shift or material and analyze power sources and how they perform. It also enables automatic documentation and improves the overall quality of your work. With the WeldCloud Universal Connector, you can easily connect with any brand of equipment.

Quality Assurance

WeldQAS provides real-time weld analytics with mathematical models that use real-time data to predict the grade of your weld. This quality assurance helps reduce cost throughout production. The use of Microsoft Azure IoT and PTC enables to securely configure and scale digitally-enabled workflow solutions for almost all levels of companies both on-cloud and onsite.

With ESAB Digital Solutions software you can utilize data for work to monitor equipment, streamline documentation, control quality, and be more productive than ever before.