AlcoTec® - an ESAB brand

AlcoTec is a Global Technology Leader in the Manufacturing and Support of Aluminum Welding Consumables

AlcoTec aluminum welding wire alloys, aluminum metallizing wires and mechanical wire products are industry-leading aluminum process solutions.

AlcoTec products include:

  • Aluminum TIG (SMAW) welding wire
  • Aluminum MIG (GMAW) welding wire
  • Brazing wire
  • Metallizing wire
  • Tie Wire

Why Choose AlcoTec?

Complete Traceability. Each lot of electrode is marked for traceability and certified to meet American Welding Society Specifications.

Expert Support. Industry leading Metallurgical Engineers are available to consult with customers in all areas of welding and proper metal selection and have been technically trained to solve your production challenges.

Protective Packaging. AlcoTec's packaging is engineered to ensure superior quality retention from the production facility to your shelves.

AlcoTec aluminum filler metals basket and drum
AlcoTec aluminum filler metals

AlcoTec serves industry partners who rely on high-performing aluminum consumables including:

  • Automotive
  • Truck trailer
  • Bicycles
  • Boats
  • Aerospace