Value Added Engineering

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Our customers are always looking for ways to maximize their fleet, adapt to increased demand or improve current processes to scale production, increase profitability, and more…all without compromising quality and safety. ESAB’s Value Added Engineering (VAE) team exists to support this effort with practical solutions. Our VAE experts put their years of experience and product/process knowledge to work for you to achieve your desired result.


QWPA calculator


Units of measure

Weld process input data

Welding process

Type of welding wire

Wire diameter


Number of wires

Wire feed speed


Joint seam cross area



Number of weld passes (QTY)

Weld process output data

Wire net deposition rate


Welding speed | weld pass mm/min


Cycle time & capacity calculation

Total welders/OP per station

ARC time factor | operating factor


Total weld joint length / product

Weld metal weight


Wire consumption


ARC on time per product


ARC off time per product


Cycle time per product


Energy consumption



Production cost calculation input data

Wire cost

Gas price

Gas flow rate

Energy cost incl. penalty charge

Welder / operator cost incl. soc sec

Production cost calculation output

Total production cost per meter weld


Total production cost per product AUD/prod


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