Tweco® - an ESAB brand

Tweco is the industry leader in the design and manufacture of MIG welding guns and consumable parts for both manual and precision robotic welding applications.

Tweco introduced the world to the modern MIG gun Cablehoz® design at the 1969 AWS Welding Show. It remains the industry standard, and so does Tweco.

Welders Just Feel More Confident With a Tweco in Their Hand.

Tweco was a pioneer in the industry as a producer of ground clamps, early arc welding accessories and the first modern MIG gun. Tweco continues to be a technological leader and push boundaries by designing safe, reliable and rugged products for MIG welding applications.

Tweco products include:

  • Air- and water-cooled MIG guns
  • Manual and automated guns
  • MIG consumables
  • Electrode holders, ground clamps
  • Cables and accessories
Tweco Pullmaster welding torch

Trust Tweco to Deliver

Tweco offers an entire arsenal of products engineered to make your job easier. With unparalleled expertise, welders will find the total package of tailored equipment for any MIG welding job.