ESAB filler metals (electrodes, wires, rods, fluxes and powders) are trusted by fabricators around the world. 

ESAB created the world’s first covered (Stick) electrode in 1906 and has been the leading innovator ever since. Today we offer filler metals under the ESAB, Exaton, Stoody, AlcoTec, Sureweld and All-State brands.

ESAB Filler Metal and Consumables Innovation

ESAB filler metal innovations include the first Stick electrode, a legacy now carried on in our low-hydrogen stick electrode welders prefer most. Other milestones include Stoody inventing the hardfacing process 100 years ago, Dual Shield flux cored wire (unmatched since 1957) and a new Exaton stainless steel alloy that provides the highest pitting resistance in the world.

We never stop innovating, launching dozens of new products each year. Customers bring their welding challenges to ESAB, and our application and technology centers around the world develop advanced formulations. ESAB filler metals improve mechanical properties, quality and weldability, ultimately saving users more money.